"The How"

So many research methods (and research providers…) focus on “the what.” WHAT does your customer say about you? WHAT does your customer think of your product? WHAT are your competitors doing?

These questions are important, but the answers are fleeting. The question needs to be asked over and over again… because the answers change so often. At Cognitivity, we focus on “the how.” HOW do your customers think about you and your products? HOW do they decide where to shop and what to buy? HOW does your advertising and marketing message influence behavior? The insights from these sorts of questions are lasting, and have the potential to impact every aspect of your business.

Fundamental knowledge

Ultimately, most of us are concerned with behavior: does the customer click “Buy” on your site, or someone else’s? Does she return to your store for her next purchase? Does he use the new feature your organization spent years and millions of dollars developing? But to predict these behaviors, and ultimately to understand them, it is crucial to understand the cognitive processes that underlie the behaviors.

Depth of insight

Focus groups and online surveys have their place, but they simply cannot match the depth and richness of the data that can be collected through CTA interviews. Every interview is based on stories: real-life examples of the participant’s experience. Each story is then detailed and elaborated, to reveal the cues and factors that influence decision making, and the process that it follows. Because of the intense contact time spent with each participant, there is no script, forced checkbox, or crowd of voices to keep us from getting at the problem from every angle.

Your Customers’ Voice

While groups are diverse, they often voice their needs in a similar manner. Do you know how your customers describe your product, and the role this vocabulary can play in their decision making and behavior? Quotes and recordings of the interviews are often a crucial part of analysis and reporting. CTA accesses the terminology that customers use, and the anecdotes and stories that define their relationship with brands, companies, and products. Furthermore, Cognitivity uses Discourse Analysis to make sense of the similarities and differences among groups of participants.

Quick Execution

Time is often a major barrier to the proper implementation of results. We conduct our research with an understanding of the urgency and pace that you require. Not just cognitive scientists, the consultants at Cognitivity have experience in a variety of international business environments. We know that even the best insights, when delivered late, lose their value. Because we focus on outstanding recruiting, and can therefore use small sample sizes, we can complete even complex projects very quickly… often just a few weeks from start to finish.

Competitive Advantage

Competitive advantage is based on innovation and insight. Cognitivity can deliver the insight that drives and situates your company’s innovation in the mind of the consumer. CTA and other cognitive research methods are not commonplace among the skill sets of even the largest and most competent corporate research departments, or among even the best research consultancies. Experience and true skill in these areas are rare. A cognition-based model of consumer behavior can help to guide strategy and operational decisions at a level well beyond the competition.