How It Works

No two projects are the same. Cognitivity designs and executes custom research, tailored specifically to your research questions. The research process, though, tends to take a common form.

Problem/Question Identification
We work with our clients to identify a list of critical questions that will be addressed by the research. These questions help to select the most appropriate methods.

Method Selection & Research Plan
One or more techniques are selected for the research, based on an assessment of the critical research needs, time, actionable outcomes, and budget requirements. A research plan is then created and approved by all stakeholders.

Data Collection
We identify, recruit, and conduct interviews with a sample of the population of interest. In many cases, multiple members of Cognitivity staff are present for each interview, to facilitate analysis and incorporate multiple perspectives on the data.

Data Analysis & Model Building
The most time- and labor-intensive aspect of the process. We use Grounded Theory-based analysis techniques to build and test a qualitative hypothesis, and then model the decision-making, often in several different ways.

Reporting may take many forms: a written report, oral presentation, multimedia recording and slideshow, or even a training or ideation workshop: whatever works best for your process.